Orthographic transcription (more commonly referred to as "transcription" and less commonly as "audiotyping") consists of inputting, via a text-processing tool, recordings of words in the form of digital audio files (MP3, WMA, etc.). specializes in the transcription of interviews - directive, semi-directive, open - recorded in the field of social science research (sociology, psychology...).

Unless otherwise stated, the transcription consists of writing everything that is said on the audio file verbatim, retaining the entire discourse, hesitations, repetitions, laughter, errors proper to the oral. While in many cases transcripts of interviews in the social sciences remain as faithful as possible to the speech delivered orally, the service is adapted according to the wishes of the client.

The transcribers carry out the necessary researches to spell, as accurately as possible, the proper names (persons, places, companies, etc.), acronyms and technical terms. In case the recording does not allow the transcription of a word or passage, its absence is clearly identified with "[...]" and the corresponding time indicator on the recording. Similarly, the terms that the transcriber cannot be sure of - whether a proper name or a technical term that cannot be confirmed by research or a passage that is difficult to hear - are indicated by "[?]", always associated with time indicator.

In general, adapts to the requirements in terms of 'granularity' of the transcription, the degree of finesse expected, and the wishes concerning the format.

Transcribers coordinates experienced France based transcribers who provide an accurate and quality service. All are vetted for quality of work and subject to confidentiality requirements.


The price of the service is 1.95 € excl tax per minute transcribed audio, to which are added 10 € excl tax flat rate per file. Thus, the transcription of a file of one hour and a half will be invoiced 185.50 € excl tax (90 min x 1.95 € + 10 €). Besides English and French, we master Spanish and Italian.

These tariffs apply to files with a good quality sound, recorded in good acoustic conditions and according to agreed deadlines.

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