Our guarantees and commitments


Transcriteurs.com, as well as all transcribers, are subject to a Privacy Policy guaranteeing the non-disclosure of the information to which the audio files give access. All files and data, including contact information, are and remain the property of the customer. Transcripteurs.com undertakes not to transmit any information to a third party without the express prior agreement of the client.


The site applies all technical and functional standards in terms of safety. Clients have reserved access, requiring an encrypted ID and password in the database.

The server of Transcripteurs.com is protected (firewall, anti-virus...). It is located in a cleanroom (ISO 14644-1 standard) in France. Automatic backups are performed daily.


Transcripteurs.com aims to offer a quality service while paying the right price. 80% of the amounts charged go to the transcribers - which corresponds to a range of 130 to 150% of the raw Smic, depending on the speed of the transcriber and the file to be transcribed.

This rating permits us to avoid relocation of the service, to retain the transcribers and thus, to promote a quality service.

The remaining amounts are used to pay taxes, development and maintenance of the site, communication operations, as well as coordination, monitoring and management of the benefits.

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